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Head Start Productions is a small production company based in Surrey. We work with small crews and even smaller budgets to create everything and anything film. Commercial through to fiction, we can cater to your needs.



We offer professional headshot photography, studio videography and audio voice-reel recording; without breaking the bank. You can get all of this for under £100. I challenge you to find somewhere else that can offer you this opportunity.



We are here to help. We have the tools to get you started and we want to share them with you. Contact us today for detailed quotes of our services.

Showreel October 2018

Puranjay Samson


"Brilliant, professional, light-hearted service with great turnout"

Lily Dewey-Forrester


"I had a really lovely shoot with Head Start Productions. Very professional and great results. I'd highly recommend you guys, lovely down to earth company with a great outlook."

Thomas Deller


 "Great professional people who really know what the industry wants. Highly recommended."

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